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 Concrete Crack Repairs Made Easy

Rapid Mender is the fastest way to repair concrete floors. Unlike traditional epoxy products, concrete floor repairs can be completed in record time, minimising downtime and disruption. 

Rapid Mender is a specially formulated fast setting polymer repair product for concrete repairs. It cures in 15 minutes and the repaired floor can be open to traffic again within just 30 minutes. 


Crack Repair
Concrete Crack Filled
Repaired Concrete Crack

Multiple Uses

  • Ideal for warehouses

  • Road and bridge repairs

  • Fills holes in floors

  • Freezer applications

  • Parking deck repairs

  • Concrete Spalls and cracks repairs

  • Restores integrity to dusted concrete

  • Joint repairs

  • Airports and other time critical operations

  • Suitable for all types of concrete repairs

​Gain the Competitive Advantage


Minimal Disruption

Unique Benefits

  • Ultra low viscosity for a permanent bond

  • ​Rapid setting, cures in 15 minutes, open to traffic in just 30

  • Nano dowel technology, penetrates deep into concrete

  • No priming necessary - incredible strong bond

  • Will cure at -30°F, ideal for use in freezer rooms

  • ​Can be mixed with silica flour, fumed silica & cabosil

  • ​Self leveling, perfect for concrete repairs

  • ​Good chemical resistance

  • ​Minimum surface preparation required

  • ​Can be bulk mixed for large area concrete repairs

  • ​Available in handy 600ml cartridges, perfect for crack repairs

  • ​Compatible with all floor coatings

  • Permanent concrete repair

  • Minimal disruption or downtime 

Concrete Joint repairs. Concrete Crack Repairs Made Easy - Superior Quality - Premium Concrete Repair

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