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CoGri product range formulates some of the world's premium polyurea products from industrial-grade spray coatings, sealants to high-impact joint fillers and concrete repair systems. We make protecting your infrastructure quick, environmentally friendly, and extremely cost effective with our 100% solids technology. All products are manufactured to strict ISO 9001 standards.

​You can be assured of quality and value as we only provide the highest, premium quality, tried and tested concrete repair products.

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RapidMender concrete repair is a specially formulated rapid setting polymer repair product. In its ultra low viscosity form, Rapid Mender will penetrate deep into concrete substrates. In it's highly aggregated, high viscosity configuration, Rapid Mender will act as a rapid setting repair mortar.

RapidMender is ideal for all types of concrete floor repairs, including crack repairs, divots, delamination, spalling, both large and small.

Since RapidMender cures in just 15 minutes and can be trafficked in just 30, it offers major benefits over traditional epoxy repairs through minimal downtime and disruption.

RapidMender can be safely used in freezer environments down to -30 degrees. Please note, settings times increase marginally with cooler temperatures.


RapidMender concrete repair can be used internally or externally.

Fast, effective, permanent concrete floor repairs can be completed in record in time.​


damaged concrete joint
concrete joint repairs
concrete grinding repair

MSDS Sheet A

MSDS Sheet B

 Product Data Sheet

​RapidSeal is a self-leveling, 100% solids, flexible, two component, rapid curing polyurea elastomer joint sealant, designed for 10-15% movement of installed joint width.

RapidSeal is used to fill random concrete cracks, control joints or new construction joints on horizontal concrete surfaces, both internally and externally.

RapidSeal is designed specifically for applications receiving heavy vehicle traffic, such as forklift trucks or steel wheeled carts.

RapidSeal is flexible, accommodating small slab movement yet strong enough to protect the vertical edges of the concrete joint from spalling under extreme loading.

RapidSeal can be used in exterior applications where little joint or crack movement from thermal cycling will occur.

RapidSeal is recommended for repairs of concrete cracks, damaged control joints or new construction joints in cold storage facilities, freezers and food processing plants where time and temperature are serious conditions.

concrete caulking
concrete resealing
concrete joint caulking and sealing

MSDS Sheet A

MSDS Sheet B

 Product Data Sheet

Concrete Joint repairs. Concrete Crack Repairs Made Easy - Superior Quality - Premium Concrete Repair

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